Funding for this project was provided by a grant from
the American Battlefield Protection Program (a program of the United States National Parks Service, Washington, D.C.)
and the Horry County Archives Center at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina.


The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) promotes the preservation of significant historic battlefields associated with wars on American soil. The goals of the program are: 1) to protect battlefields and sites associated with armed conflicts that influenced the course of our history, 2) to encourage and assist all Americans in planning for the preservation, management, and interpretation of these sites and 3) to raise awareness of the importance of preserving battlefields and related sites for future generations. The ABPP focuses primarily on land use, cultural resource and site management planning, and public education.  (source: ABPP website, see BATTLEFIELD PRESERVATION tab shown above)

Objective of this project -

The objective of this project is to identify and document historic battlefields found within the Old Georgetown District area of South Carolina and to develop a database containing primary source information about these sites that can be easily accessed by students of history, preservationists and historians in order to gain a better understanding of the area's history and for preservation of these sites.  In addition to battlefield sites, information is also provided about other sites that are associated with local military activities and/or individuals in order to give a better indication of what was happening in this area at that time.  Presently, only sites within Horry and Georgetown Counties are included.  Eventually we hope to include the four additional surrounding counties (Marion, Dillon, Florence and Williamsburg) that along with Horry and Georgetown counties once made up South Carolina’s Old Georgetown District.

Project Manager - Ben Burroughs, Director, Horry County Archives Center at Coastal Carolina University

Project Researcher - Meghan M. Mumford, Research Specialist, Horry County Archives Center at Coastal Carolina University