Privateer "Black Joke" Captures the Prize British Sloop of War "Permudas" (Naval Event - non-combat)

Georgetown County, S.C.
American Revolutionary War
Approximate Date: 
Forces Engaged: 
- American Privateer "Black Joke"
Forces Engaged: 
- British Sloop of War "Permudas"
Southern Campaign
The Black Joke took the Permudas as a prize

In his pension application Isaac Johnson reported that:

...I also Listed on bord of the Privateer vessel Cauld Black Joke with seventy men For six weeks trip we sailed out of New River inlet under the Command of Captain Gilbert Harrison & Lieutenant Bradley & James Extine and Jon Miles Gunner we sailed to the south of Charleston and on Cruising in Winyaws [Winayh] Bay near to Georgetown in South Carolina we made a Prize of the British sloop of war Permudas with only Eight men on bord she had been unarmed and sent to the North to Exchange Prisoners but had over staid her time and we made a Prize of her for which I Received a few Dollars Prize money in these two last Routes I was ingaged as above some over six weaks....

...This deponent served Fort Two days as a volunteer and a Private under Capt Harrison on bord of the Black Joke vessel a privateer in all the above Expedition this deponent served not Less than Eight months & thirteen days as a private soldier to the best of his knowledge...1


Footnotes and Additional Information: 

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