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This website identifies and provides documentation for military battlefields and associated sites within Horry (OH-REE) and Georgetown Counties, South Carolina, including nearshore activities along their coasts and other places of interest.

By using the “Search Filter” on the right, you can search by the following site classifications:

Battlefield : (ABPP definition) Site where armed conflict, fighting, or warfare occurred between two opposing military organizations (not civil unrest).  These sites can be either land-based or submerged (i.e. naval combat).
Associated Site : (ABPP definition) Site occupied before, during, or after a battle at which events occurred that had a direct influence on the tactical development of the battle or the outcome of the battle.
Naval Event : A noteworthy happening consisting of or involving warships.  These are non-combat sites only.
Place of Interest : A site that has a quality about it that attracts your attention and makes you want to learn more about it.

From the “Search Results” page you can pick the particular event that you are interested in or choose to see the results plotted on a map.

Click on one of the events listed on the “Search Results” page and you can read a summary of the event, or view the "Associated People" or "Related Documents", if any, that correspond with that event.

In many cases you have the option of viewing the original document or a transcription of the original document.

These sites have been plotted on a map in order to give a "general" idea of their location.

Every effort has been taken to present accurate information on this website.  A "contact" page is provided so that anyone can easily send in information, with documentation, to correct any errors or to add new details.

The images on this website's banner represent the principal commanders of the military forces that operated in the Old Georgetown District during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  They are, (L to R) American Gen. Nathanael Green, British Gen. Charles Cornwallis, American Gen. Francis Marion crossing the Peedee River with Col. Peter Horry and "Marion's Men", Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard and U.S. Adm. John Dahlgren.